Granby Ripstop Life Jacket / Dog life jacket ripstop life jacket for dogs

The size

This device can be in different sizes arranging from extra-small to extra-large (XS to XL). it will help your dog to be most comfortable and be in natural position but still keep buoyancy.

The size may be different based on the weight and girth of your dogs. Check all following measurements carefully before having your own decision. It will help you choose the most suitable one.


Weight of dog


Girth (Inch) Length (inch) Neck




X-Small 5-15 21-27 8.5+ 6-8 11-15
Small 15-30 16-20 10.5+ 8-10 16-20
Medium 30-55 21-27 12.5+ 10-14 21-27
Large 55-85 28-32 14.5+ 14-18 28-32
X-Large 85-100 33-40 19.5+ 13.5+ 33-40

I also mention some cases (in amazon) that they already choose ones based on their dogs size that you can reference here:

  • Shepherd-husky: 75 lb, X-Large size is fit
  • English Bulldog: 65lb, 32 inch girth: XLarge size, it is a little bit too long but others fits fine
  • 22 lbs and 19 inches: Small size : quite tight
  • 30 lb and 22 inch girth: Medium size is fit.
  • 46 lb, 19 inches from neck to tail, 19 inches around her neck and 27 inches around her chest: Large size is fit.
  • 9 pound (size XS), other his measurements put him in the Small range : Small size is fit.
  • Chihuahua: 10 lbs, 19 inch Girth, weights 10 Ibs:  Small size fits but seems tight around her front legs as the belly flap is right up into her shoulders.
  • 45 pounds, 26 inches: Medium size is too small
  • 21 lb: medium size is fit
  • 16-17 lbs,19 inches around her chest and belly and 14 inches around her neck. Small size is ok. if she were any bigger it would be too tight.
  • Dog Finn: about 20 pounds and 30 pounds, pretty slender and tall: Medium still fit

So, measure your puppies carefully about their sizes and weight.

– Design:

Granby Ripstop Life jacket is designed to support your dog to be floatable easily when most of their body is supported by buoyancy material.

There is a front float or neck flap in front of the jacket to help keep their chin and their head being above water. This kind of feature is really important to help them not to be exhausted or spend too much energy on trying to make their head float.

A neoprene belly band can make them feel freely in water and easily to do any activity without any restriction to their action.

There are 3 standard buckles that you can adjust to fit your pouch size.

There are adjustable side release buckles and velcros. So your dogs can’t be tight or too loosen when wearing it.

The good design help you easily put the vest on your puppy while still leashed. It’s also suitable for both female and male dogs.

Cons: Many people said that, it should be also floatation material surrounding doggies belly to support their ability to buoyancy maximum because with some big and heavy dogs, this kind of thing seem not to be really helpful. However, there is just few cases that I know, others still really happy with its buoyancy. So probably, it isn’t a common problem.

Because there are velcro/fabric and buckles surrounding belly, if the vest is too tight, neoprene belly bands may put strain on your dog.


– Material:

The material is made of ripstop material which provide buoyancy for them. It usually extend from their neck to butt, so it would fully support your pets weight.

It also have non-mental buckles which help your dogs being comfortable and easily run or swim in water without worrying about hurt from hard material.  

Many people also say that this kind of jacket can be used as insulation for cold weather or snow when they walking outside in winter.


– Colour:

It’s clear that this product is made to be noticed with 3 different bright color (including: bright orange, pink, and fun fish style). You can easily see them wherever they are, even in poor lighting condition or in gray days.


– Handle:

It has dual grab handles: easily rescure and support your dogs to swim, especially at first time. Besides, this feature is really necessary in case of emergency. For example, when your dog physically can’t get out of water, or in swimming pools with high and slippery sides or even when the water activity time is out, you can use these handles to lift them out of water.


Although this fuction is quite good and they also design 2 easy-grab handles to be more comfortable to your pouch, it should be reinforced because few people comment that If usually picking up a heavy wet dog out of water, it may be ripped.


 – Price



It’s pretty inexpensive and suitable with most of pets owner. 

After all, this jacket can adapt most of requirements for a good jacket, many people suggest buying it.  


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