Why should have dog jacket

When mentioning about puppy jackets, many people think that it is really a kind of useless thing. At first, I also have a common thought like that. However, I change my idea gradually. According to many magazines and newspapers, there are still a lot of cases that dogs drown in water activity (in pools, rivers, lakes and seas, etc), and this percentage is continue increasingly each year. Those are not only dogs who can’t swim but also ones have ability to swim very well. Our dogs are usually unpredictable, proactive and playful so that it is difficult to estimate them.

Actually, our dogs can also have to face with unpredictable situation in water environment – for example: falling into water accidentally, being fatigue or exhausted, or facing with hazard environments.

Although being a good swimmer seems like their nature, there are still a few dogs who can’t do it or shy with water.

We always want our dogs have interesting experience, being safe otherwise still don’t restrict their activities, especially water activities. Having your dogs with water activities is really helpful when they are not only can enjoy fun, but also get in shape or not to become a fatty one.

Certainly, In order to protect our fur-children in water environment, do not underestimate the surrounding environment, and it is better if we have a quality flotation device.

Before we make any decision, reference as much information as possible to sure that the dog jackets you already choose is the best thing and it’s worth. Or even, in case of we don’t have enough money to pay for the best, we can choose the jackets which is the most suitable for our purse and still be good for our pup.


Something characteristics that a good dog jackets should have:


Obviously, this is at the top of necessary things.  It is really a major reason when you decide to buy a buoyancy jacket. It helps your dog prevent from some possible risks like be drown into water,  be exhausted after long time swimming, or other prevent undesirable situations. In addition,

Floatation suit can also save for your dog a lot of energy

You should choose ones which are designed to support their special parts like head, chest, and belly while they are still be active in water.

Bright colour

Our dogs are usually very active, they can run around and go to wherever they want. In these cases, wearing a colourful jacket can enables your dog to be seen from everywhere. Especially, it’s really useful in case of emergency. In the days that are not much sunlight or in poor lighting conditions, this feature become really useful that help us do not take a lot of time to know where our dogs are. Besides, these kinds of colour is really suitable with picnics or parties that we and our dogs usually enjoy when having outside activities.


Almost dogs jackets have at least one handle. With the dogs who just start to swim, using handles can help us easily instruct them how to swim, show them the good direction. With others, it help you easily supervise them at all times while they are swimming or pull them out of water easily in case of emergency.


Dogs have different sizes and weights, so in order to help our dogs to be most comfortably play. There are a lot of  types and sizes that the manufacturers concern to produce their products. Choose one that is not too tight and not so loose. So measure:



         Other information: neck measurement, girth measurement (of the ribcage behind the front legs)

It is better if you can choose a jacket which is adjustable by using straps.



It is better if they already provide leash attachment for easily to restraint our dogs .

Let’s consider some jackets for our pets


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